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Interactive Response Technology

Integrated IRT solutions is the only key to keep easy access to your clinical trial supplies and patients to avoid any “missed” visits & Data.


Our services comprise all aspects related to Clinical Supply Management and Site Management including;

- Drug Supply Inventory

- Forecasting

- Patient Treatment Allocation

- Patient Visit Management & Reminders

- Easy Sync to any Electronic Data Capture systems.


While IRT is commonly known to deliver speed and accuracy, they are also considered as a slow system due to the web browser compatibility issues and translation limitations. Integrated IRT solution with our associated partner is the highly-ranked service solution from most of the industry players. We have been appraised with 98% customer satisfaction score and striving for betterment every day.

If you are looking for a sort of Accurate, Fast, Quality service with all user-friendly features please get in touch with us and experience the best in class service across the industry.

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